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Brief Introduction of Jingzhou
Updated: 2018-12-05 15:44:04

Jingzhou is situated in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, central and southern part of Hubei province. Lying on the vast expanse of fertile and beautiful hinterland ofJianghan Plain, Jingzhou is reputed as the “a place of etiquette, and a land of fish and rice”. This riverside city features a blend of an ancient culture and the modern civilization. Covering an area of 14,100 square kilometers, the city has a total population of 6.58 million, with eight cities, counties and districts as well as three functional zones under its jurisdiction, i.e. JingzhouDistrict, Shashi District, Jiangling County, Songzi City, Gong’an County,Shishou City, Jianli County, and Honghu City, and three functional zones of Jingzhou Economic and Development Zone, the Central China Agriculture High-tech Industry Development Zone, and Jinan Eco-cultural Tourism Zone. Jingzhou has been identified as a National Historical and Cultural City, Top Tourist City of China, National Health City, National Landscape Garden City, and National Double Support Model City. It is also the national production base of premium agricultural and sideline products and fine chemistry industry base, national demonstration area of undertaking of industrial transfer, the adjustment and transformation planning area of the old industrial base, national demonstration area of majorruins protection, national important road transport hub and important YangtzeRiver port city.

Jingzhou boasts a profound history and a splendid culture. “Emperor Yu divided China into nine states, and Jingzhou was one of them.” With a history of up to 2,700 years since the Stateof Chu established its capital here called Capital Jinan in 689 BC, Jingzhou has been the capital for 34 emperors of six dynasties, and its reputation as the “City for Emperors” is well-deserved. Looking back on Chinese history, a total of 138 prime ministers was from Jingzhou, such as “China’s Most Upright Official” Sun Shuao and the Grand Secretary in the late Ming, is a veritable “City of Prime Ministers”. It is also known as the “City of Poetry” as a multitude ofpoets and literary men wrote their works here, ranging from the patriotic poet Qu Yuan to the two most famous Chinese poets Li Bai and Du Fu. General Guan Yuguarded Jingzhou for ten years, during which time his “loyalty, righteousness,benevolence, and courage” were known across the nation and he was worshiped by the Chinese people as the "God of War" and "God of Wealth".The ancient city wall built in the Three Kingdoms period is known as “aprecious well-preserved wall in China”. Stemming from Jingzhou’s brilliant history and culture are valuable and distinctive spiritual wealth of Jingzhou people, including the pioneering spirit of “blazing the trails”, the enterprising spirit of “biding the time to grow from obscurity to celebrity", the “integrity,loyalty and patriotism” of Qu Yuan, the united efforts in mitigating floods in1998, and the benevolence and compassion in offering assistance to the victims’families in the “Oriental Star” cruise ship sinking accident.

Jingzhou is richly endowed by nature and abundant in resources. “Good harvests in Hunan and Hubei,enough food for all China.” With a suitable climate, fertile land, and ample water sources, Jingzhou becomes the “black soil” in southern China, and is knownas China's granary. The annual grain output of Jingzhou reached 4 billion kilograms, and its freshwater products and rapeseed production have ranked topamong Chinese cities for many, known as “China's top city of freshwater fisheries”. The city has fostered seven major processing industry systems of high-quality grain, cotton and oil, melon, fruit and vegetables, livestock andpoultry, aquatic products, forestry and papermaking, and other industry systems,as well as a group of leading agricultural industrialization enterprises suchas Fuwa, Honghulang, and Baiyunbian. Agricultural products processing industryis one of the strongest industries in Jingzhou. The city's agricultural processing industry recorded a total output value of RMB 186.2 billion in 2017.The Central China Agriculture High-tech Industry Development Zone has beenapproved as the National Agricultural Science and Technology Park, the NationalAgricultural Science and Technology Innovation and Integration Demonstration Base,the National Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Zone,Jianghan Plain Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Zone, andat the same time, Jingzhou is actively building a national high-tech zone focusingon agriculture, and fostering the promising sunrise industry of agriculture.


Jingzhou is biding its time and strengthening its foothold, ready to shine. Located in central Chinaand the banks of the Yangtze River, Jingzhou enjoys superior transportation,with 483-kilometer waterway winding through the city, national first-class port Yanka Port standing next to the river, and the all-connected network of railways and highways. At the moment, the city is speeding up the construction of Jingzhou Airport and a general aviation airport to build a “two horizontal andtwo vertical” railway network, “one port, ten districts” riverside port clusterand a city fast track of “two rings, three horizontal and six vertical”.Jingzhou has a sound industrial foundation, featuring six leading industries,i.e. agricultural products processing, equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry, light industry and building materials, textile and clothing, and electronic information. The management system reform of the DevelopmentZone characterized by "one district and multiple gardens" has been steadily advanced, with a more scientific industrial layout. Automobile industry hasbeen a dominant industry in Jingzhou Economic and Development Zone, bringing together nearly 200 associated enterprises, such as Henglong, Valeo, and TakataAuto Parts. These enterprises jointly formed a relatively complete industrychain to better support the development of automobile industry. With the second largest number of talents in Hubei province, Jingzhou also has rich scientificand educational resources, with more than 300 scientific research institutes, 8institutions of higher learning, 50 academician expert workstations, and 120,000 college students. Jingzhou owes its favorable business environment also owes toits efficient service and streamlined governance, and reduction of the taxation and fees. Four lists and one website have been released, including a list ofpowers, a list of responsibilities, a list of items for administrative approval and intermediary services, and a list of enterprise-related fees, as well as the government affairs service.

With the accumulative endeavor of all previous municipal party committees and governments, Jingzhou has seen an overall improvement in the provincial ranking and share of major economic indicators. The local GDP reached RMB 192.218 billion in 2017, up by7.5%, taking the fourth place in the aggregate economic volume provincially. Thetotal fixed asset investment in the city totaled RMB 223.23 billion, anincrease of 11.5%. The total value added of the industrial enterprises above designated size rose by 8.2%. The total retail sales of consumer goods recordedRMB 116.857 billion, up by 10.6% and the public budget revenue of the local governmentwas RMB 19.198 billion, up by 9.6%. The average per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents grew by 8.7% and 8.5% respectively.

Jingzhou does not rest on its historic laurels, but strives to live in the vibrant present and embraces apromising future. In the next five years, Jingzhou will actively practice thenew concept of development, forge an economic growth pole in the Yangtze River Economy Belt, take the initiative in leading the all-round development, and achieve its ten-year rejuvenation goal. Dear friends, we eagerly look forward to your visit to Jingzhou, and welcome your investment anddevelopment in our city while experiencing the local culture. We will provide youwith our best business environment and the best quality service, and share with you a great vision and a bright future!

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