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67,400 people in Four Days! Oriental Heritage Creats a new "in-vogue" in Cultural Tourism Industry
Updated: 2019-09-25 10:50:30

The park has received more than 67,400tourists in the four days since its opening, and more than 22,300 people werevisiting the park at its peak hour. In the first holiday since the park wasopened, Jingzhou Fantawild Oriental Heritage (Oriental Heritage) presented abrilliant performance report and brought countless joys to tourists.

Unique creativity, complete facilities,wonderful fireworks show, dazzling science and technology, the Park, as thefirst move of Fantawild Group’s layout in Hubei, not only fills the vacancy oflarge-scale high-tech cultural theme amusement park in the province, but alsoallows more and more people in Jingzhou and even Hubei to enjoy, withouttravelling afar, experience that can only be available in the world's top themeparks.

During Mid-Autumn holidays, a fantasticfireworks show was staged in the park, attracting visitors. (Photographers:Huang Zhigang, Zhou Junfei and Chen Zhikan)

Fantawild “ignites” the Tourism Market in Jingzhou

A gorgeous fireworks show was staged in the park during the Mid-AutumnFestival, and visitors were intoxicated by the feast of light and shadow.Later, a grand dancing finale with the name Zhaozhong Mugu (Dawn Belland Dusk Drum) was presented, bringing people back to a thousand years ago. 

Every night, enormous crowd is filling thefestival square, singing and dancing, with brilliant fireworks lit on the sky.The fireworks not only ignite the passion of tourists, but also"ignite" the tourism market in Jingzhou.

In the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the parkbecame a “in vogue” in the culture and tourism industry. Tourists fromsurrounding provinces and cities and even all over the country gathered here toenjoy the unique folk customs and the festival. The first day of the miniholidays ushered in a small climax of incoming visitors, with 18,500 touristspouring into the park. It was difficult even to find a parking lot in the3,000-car parking space.

There are 41 indoor and outdoor items in thepark, covering more than 200 thematic projects, recreational facilities,leisure landscape and so on. Reporters learned from the park management thatduring the mini holidays, Chu Yue (The Music of Chu), Flying withYou, and Nvwa Butian (Nvwa Patches upthe Sky) are most popular indoor thematic performances, while Circus Carnival, Dayu Zhishui (Emperor Yu Tamesthe Food) and Stellar Trespassing are moredesirable outdoor ones.

In particular, the large-scale theatreperformance Chu Yue, which shows the charm of Hubei culture, has beensought after and praised by the vast number of tourists. The suspended rollercoaster Circus Carnival has also attracted a large number of youngtourists to try. Through real-time information query on Fantawild travel app,the reporter found that one needs to queue for almost all entertainment itemsin the park during mini holidays. For some items, one has to queue up to 120minutes, and even 150 minutes for others. 

Parent-child travel is also one of the drivingforces during the mini holidays. The integration of traditional culture withscience and technology, as displayed in Jiuzhou Shenyun (the charm ofChina), Nvwa Butian and NiulangZhinv (The Cowboy and the Weaving Lady), has alsoattracted the attention of parent-child travel groups.

Various Departments Ensuring the Safety of Fantawild

The normal operation of the scenic spot cannot be possible without the support of various departments.

During the Mid-Autumn Festival, Fantawild parkwas witnessing huge number of incoming visitors. In order to ensure a smoothand orderly park activities, the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau joinedhands with the Municipal Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, theMunicipal Economic and Credit Bureau, and rescue team for water affairs,Mobile, Telecom, Unicom, iron tower, blue sky and other departments and unitsto form an emergency support team. All posts were stationed and all work werecarried out steadily. 

As the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with theopening of the park, many tourists came here during the rest, which causedgreat traffic pressure around the park. According to the actual trafficsituation in the jurisdiction area, the Traffic Administration of the MunicipalPublic Security Bureau issued travel guides in advance, reminding the generalpublic to choose a reasonable route to avoid congestion. Policemen from variousteams gave up rest, monitored the routes to the scenic spot closely, anddelegated responsibility for tracking every section, line, post and spot tospecific person, so as to comprehensively improve the police coverage rate andmanagement rate, and ensure the road safety and smoothness during the festival.

In order to ensure that the roads leading tothe park will not be congested, the police implemented quick disposal andcompensation for minor traffic accidents and handled them with humanity. On themorning of the 14th, two non-local drivers had a traffic accident in front ofthe park’s gate. Because both of them are from Wuhan, they needed to return onthe same day and one of them had already entered into the park. The designatedstaff for Fantawild Park from Accident Squadron of the First Brigade of TrafficAdministration of Municipal Public Security Bureau issued a certificate ofresponsibility on the spot and called two drivers on both sides of the parkguardrail to declare responsibility. Through this way of handling, the driverscan return to the original place to deal with the problem without wasting thefun time. 

During the mini vacation period, although thepark was full of people, the park and its surrounding roads were safe andsmooth under the cooperation of various departments, and no major trafficaccidents and no large-scale congestion occurred.

JingzhouTourism Market Transformed from “Guests Flow” to “Guests Stay”

In just a few days since the opening of thepark, Oriental Heritage has become anew highlight of Jingzhou’s cultural tourism and a new business card ofcultural tourism in Hubei.

"The scenery here is beautiful withantique taste. Everywhere you can see girls, in hair buns, dressing in ancientclothes. You can travel back to ancient times in a second. Beauty touring inancient costumes, performance of ancient songs and dances, various customactivities and recreational events are quite engaging.” Ms. Liao, a touristfrom Wuhan, said.

Jingzhou Fantawild, a theme park with uniqueHubei culture, is widely recognized and deeply loved by tourists. Surprisingly,its radiation extends beyond the surrounding cities of Jingzhou, with touristsfrom Anhui, Jiangxi and Hunan joining the ranks of tourists during themini-vacation.

The eye-catching market performance not onlyreflects the extreme popularity and massive ticket sales of the Park, but alsosymbolizes the ground-breaking move of Jinan Eco-cultural Tourism Zone towardsa full revitalization and a booming of Jingzhou’s cultural tourism, thusenriching Jingzhou's tourism industry and stimulating the vitality andpotential of Jingzhou's cultural tourism development. The tourism pattern ofJingzhou has gradually changed from "transit tourism" to"overnight tourism".

"Fantawild is aninternational well-known brand, and the number of tourists who come to visit ithas increased significantly. Under its guidance, Jingzhou tourism will undergonew changes, realizing the turnaround from ticket economy to leisure consumptioneconomy, and gradually completing the benign transformation from “guests flow”to “guests stay”. Gao Daoguang, Vice President of Jingzhou Tourism IndustryAssociation, said.

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